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Can Running Hurt my Structure?

  1. Change your form. Go to your local running store like "The Runner's Depot" which usually give great classes on Natural Running, POSE, or Chi Running.

  2. Evaluate your footwear. If you're wearing the wrong shoes, then you will continue to get injured. Most local running stores have experts ready to fit you for the right shoe for your specific foot.

  3. Get checked for any underlying structural shifts that may be causing weak running posture and reduce your body's ability to heal and repair. Don't let injury knock you off track from your weight loss and fitness goals. Run long, and run safe. ALSO. There's a FREE intro to Chi Running at the Runner's Depot Store in Davie on Saturday February 9th.

Chi Running Class

11:00AM - 12Noon

Runner's Depot - Davie

Learn proper running form that will keep you performing your best and running injury-free. Certified Chi Running Instructor, Dr. Alan Miller will explain and demonstrate the proper technique for good running form and run you through some quick drills that you can use in everyday practice to keep you running healthy and happy!

FREE Class - Open to Everyone - Limited Space

Call now to reserve your spot - (954) 474-4074

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