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Concussions: Affecting Athletes Young and Old

Concussions: The Long Term Effects

Children and Young Athletes are the Fastest Growing Population to Develop Head Injuries

  1. Chronic migraine headache

  2. Ringing in the ears

  3. Vertigo

  4. Depression and Irritability

  5. Memory Loss

  6. Loss of hearing/visual disturbances

  7. Difficulty  with concentration I've been fortunate enough to see many young athletes and lots of older former athletes with these exact problems. What many don't know is that the brain, along with most any other organ, has a capacity to heal. However, if a structural imbalance is restricting the flow of blood, nutrients, and nerve impulse through the body, the body's ability to adapt and heal will be compromised. This can all be related to structural abnormalities in the spine via atlas displacement complex and subluxation. And what's the number 1 cause of spinal imbalance and structural shift?? Trauma

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