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Do Kids Get Structural Problems?

"My kids are way too young for spinal problems..."

  1. Asthma

  2. Allergies

  3. Immune problems

  4. Ear infections

  5. ADHD

  6. Torticollis These are just some of the common conditions that parents bring their kids to chiropractors for. While it's not a chiropractor's job to treat these symptoms, they are signs that the nerve supply from a child's spine is compromised. On many kids, this can be tied to a difficult or traumatic birth process. The best part of all is how much kids love getting gentle adjustments. It's often times a parent's worst nightmare to take their kids to a doctor. The screaming and tantrums on display at a pediatrician or a dentist can unnerve even the strongest parent. A child and infant adjustment is very different than adults, and you'll usually see kids jumping on to my tables excited to be checked! But the most important reason that kids should be checked early is just because it makes sense. When most of us adults develop some bad secondary conditions, x-rays usually show that a problem has been growing in the spine for 15+ years. Why let kids develop the same problems that us adults have had. Just like we take our kids for a dental check-up to ensure that they are free of cavities, our kids deserve a structural check-up to prevent the damage of an atlas displacement complex.

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