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I've Already Had Spinal Surgery, it's too late for you to help me

"I've Already Had Spinal Surgery, it's too late for you to help me"

Not All Chiropractic Techniques Are the Same

The adjustments did NOT NOT NOT make her pain go away Now this might sound crazy, but it's not the adjustment that did the healing. Adjustments in of themselves have NO capacity to heal someone. The problem was that her neck, specifically her atlas, had shifted so far out of place, that the nerves in her neck were being compressed and irritated. When you add the surgery on top of it, it had locked the neck in a shifted position even further. The adjustments simply help me to restore the NORMAL alignment of the head and neck. When the spine goes back to normal, then the nerves can work again. It's that simple. This is not an unusual situation. In fact, because of my focus on structural correction and the gentle adjustment techniques, I have been referred dozens of patients after surgery in the past few years, and almost all of them respond great. However, the last point I want to make is this. When you, or someone has surgery, there are very real limitations to how much the structure of the spine can be corrected. I can't go in there and take hardware out of someone's spine, nor would you want me to. As much as I love and enjoy helping patients post-surgery, the best thing anyone can do is to have their structure corrected BEFORE surgery becomes part of the picture. That way you can achieve a maximum correction, and have less dependency on chiropractic to stay well.

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