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More Chiropractic is Not Always Better Chiropractic

"I love your office and I love the idea of Structural Correction, but another guy is offering me double the visits for the same price here" I've always found this interesting. One of the biggest complaints about chiropractors is that people feel like they have to go so often. One of the big reasons that I gravitated towards the NUCCA procedure for Structural correction is that it allowed me to see people less often. I didn't want to see people 3x/week for months at a time. I want people to heal, get strong, and become more independent.

You are buying an outcome, Not a # of visits I'm not saying this to knock other chiropractors who prescribe a lot of visits. Not at all. There are certain cases that do need to be seen a lot more than others. The key is knowing what those visits are being used for. When you are choosing a chiropractor, you should be selecting based on results, not a bargain for the number of visits you are getting. So what's the result you want from a chiropractor? For most they want to get rid of their pain, but it goes beyond that. They want someone who will get to the cause of the problem. If it were just about pain relief, you could certainly get that more efficiently and covered by insurance by getting medications from your doctor. When it comes to chiropractic care, you should be paying for this above all else

  1. Get your structure back to normal

  2. Better function of your brain and nervous system

  3. A stronger and more resilient human body So if that's the goal of chiropractic care, then the only question is, how long and how many visits does it take to get your spine back to normal.

More Chiropractic Isn't Better, Better Chiropractic is Better In all honesty, I've never been known to be the least expensive chiropractor in town. I believe there's value in getting someone's structure improved so they spend LESS time in my office and MORE time doing the things they are meant to be doing. Buying chiropractic care isn't the same as a run to Costco where you are looking to buy 100 lbs of granola bars for $10. It's a service with an expectation to deliver the best possible health outcome for you and your family. You wouldn't choose a surgeon because you can get MORE surgeries for the same money. That would be ludicrous! When it comes to your body and your health, choose the type of care that best fits your needs and your goals.

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