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Olive Oil: The Delicious Anti-Inflammatory

Olive Oil – The Delicious Anti-Inflammatory Last year during the holidays, I had the pleasure of receiving an incredible gift from one of my patients. She brought a 1L bottle of one of the finest olive oils from Italy. I was thrilled, because anyone that knows me knows that I love the taste of extra virgin olive oil, and I love the tremendous health benefits of this healthy fat. Research is now showing that not only is it a great source of healthy fat, it also has a great benefit of lowering inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a large source of chronic pain, especially in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and other disease processes of that nature. Researchers have found that 3 ½ Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil had the same effect as 1 ibuprofin, without the damaging side effects. Now 3 ½ Tbsp may jump your calorie intake, but remember that almost all of these calories come in the form of healthy fats which are readily burned off during your daily activities. Just remember, cooking and heating the oil will disintegrate many of the health benefits, so eat this oil raw. Put it on a nice green salad, or add it to your favorite cold dishes. Enjoy the taste, and sleep easy knowing that your body is loving it as much as your taste buds!

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