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The 3 Best Nutrients for Brain Health

The 5 Best Nutrients for Brain Health Nutrients with evidence of improved brain performance and disease resistance. We talk a lot about brain health here on the blog, specifically when it comes to the effects that trauma, atlas displacement, and circulation play in the development of neurological disease. However, we can't ignore the role that nutrition plays in maintaining a high performing and disease resistent brain. So without further adieu, here's my short list on nutrients essential for a healthy brain along with their sources in scientific journals.

  1. What organisms work best for what person

  2. Are certain conditions related to certain bacteria?

  3. What's the best way to re-populate your gut bacteria Right now, the most viable ways to affect your own gut is through supplements like probiotics, which can be overwhelming when you're shopping for your own. Another theory is to consume substances that are prebiotics, which is basically food that your gut bacteria want to eat and repopulate.

Did you like this article? Feel free to share it with the people you care about and see if a Complimentary Consultation is the next step to regain their health. Dr. Chung is a practicing Structural Chiropractor in the West Palm Beach area. He has been published in peer reviewed scientific journals and is a sought after speaker in health and wellness. Follow his blog at or find him on twitter at @drjonathanchung

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