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What a Walk on the Golden Gate Bridge Taught Me About Structure - Chiropractor in Wellington

Who Benefits the Most from Maintenance? There's a few types of people that truly do benefit more from maitenance type of care. In our office, we call that type of care Protection Care. It's low level of care that helps to protect their investment. For most people, it's between once a month or 2 months to provide self-care recommendations to help their bodies continue to get stronger. People that usually benefit the most:

  1. High level athletes - athletes that train at high levels are exposed to the highest amount of joint stresses. During the peak seasons of their sports, I may see these athletes at a higher frequency for maintenance. This is especially true for sports with high contact like football and mixed martial arts.

  2. Patients with ligament damage like whiplash or disc injury - ligament damage is a tough problem for healing. They get less blood flow and oxygenation from muscles, and they often never reform to their original standard. If you've ever had a sprained ankle that keeps turning, you probably know this feeling.

  3. Chronic Pain Patients - Patients with chronic pain from things like Fibromyalgia don't often see a full cure. While we can help make life a lot better in most cases, it usually means we have to keep a closer eye on these patients. While maintenance will not protect you completely from the effects of father time and mother nature, it can help ensure that you get there with a little bit more grace. Ask Dr. Chung more about your case. We have Skype, telephone and in-person consultation options available.

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