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What's the Paleo Diet?

  1. Heavy in organic range meats (Grass fed beef, free range chicken, wild caught fish) and nutrient dense veggies,

  2. Moderate on low-allergenic nuts (pecans, walnuts, cashews), and fresh low glycemic fruits (mainly berries).

  3. Sparingly on dairy. If you do have it, go raw dairy

  4. Grains and sugar products are avoided at all costs. When most people think Paleo, they think of a bacon and eggs "Atkins" style diet, when in reality, it's just rooted in eating...well...FOOD. Listen folks, there is no such thing as a miracle diet, but this is a great FOUNDATION to build a solid eating plan. Yes, a lot of people will lose weight on this diet because it is biochemically sound. Yes a lot of people can and will overcome chronic disease as a result of eating this way. But, but, but here's the big take home message... LISTEN TO YOUR BODY I am a huge fan of paleo, and it's how I've chosen to eat because my body has done great with it. However, not everyone has the same genetic make up to process the same types of foods. Here are 3 easy steps to follow:

  5. Sugary foods, processed pasta, and processed grains program the body to store energy aka turn to fat.

  6. Eat things that are closer to being alive than dead. Raw foods, plants, unprocessed meat. Avoid things that come in a can or a box

  7. If something you eat consistently gives you energy and makes you feel better -eat it. If something consistently tires you out or makes you feel run down - don't eat it. Develop that inner sense, and see if Paleo is right for you. If you need help with ideas for recipes to make it fun, I highly advise

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